10 minute stand.

10 minute stand.

The piercing look in his eye hints at depth

I can easily say the same about my wide open legs

Our flirty eyes and clumsy movements,

His warm busy fingers…

Creating the rings of Jupiter on my middle…With his thumb

My chest rises and pulls my waist..creating a bump

Nothing else exists right now

Not the milkman at the door

Or the repair man downstairs making rhythm 

Or our lovers in their own worlds

Our phones are dead.

You pull me closer to you but we’re apart

The kisses I smother you with mean naught

I know you aren’t familiar, I had just enough time before it kicked..

In..you get in a bit deeper 

I catch a glimpse. 

They never have good brain nowadays

He chewed me without thought of a taste

Your playfulness with my tits spin me rounder 

No mantaining eye contact- there’s nothing there

I clutch the saintly-white sheets

Your breathing quickens!

This activity is quickly coming to an end.

It really doesn’t matter much, my curiosity isn’t as high anymore 

I dread the aftermath, however 

I have naught to say 

I’ll awkwardly grab my shoes, and my nonexistent heart

You jot me forward and your unfamiliar features concort 

I can tell you want it to last

I’m indifferent and frankly a little tired. 


I haven’t put in work.


You motion me to positions of control 

The only status of power over you I hold

The woman at the top

Just the woman on top.

Of you

Of us.

I should quit creating jokes

This doesn’t exist

We’ll never exist

Your being could reach my bosom

I attempt to decipher your expression.

I can tell that I please you

I sway my lower in the best way I know how to.

I’m motivated,I’m thoroughly aroused, I’m slippery and damp

A viciousness overcomes you and I’m thrown down

I see the wall now and your hard thumps behind me

My eyes are twisted and I bet I  look retarded

The thumping becomes almost monstrous and I feel your being thicken within mine

It shoots out into the shield that keeps us apart

We groan

The last bits of us

No,we don’t exist.


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