Love lessons from the Moon. 

Love lessons from the Moon. 

To my dearest Alien… 
Round, white and bright 

Tell me just what I’ve done right 

At times clouds hover under me at night 

Other times big metal human birds in flight 
I understand my lack of cheerfulness sometimes 

I understand because I see the grief in you it finds 

I see my sandy bright reflection in your eyes 

And notice your eager patience when the clouds me do hide 
To my Big Bright Sandy 
I want your shine to be only for me 

Every morn’ and every noon you’re the dazzle I wish to see 

What you’ve done right are the sprinkles in the sky 

And your acknowledgement that they are all mine. 
I see you fighting off the gloom 

Though life gets busy in all these rooms 

I appreciate you hovering around up there 

And pushing light in me when I get too scared 
To my dearest Alien… 
The sprinkles have indeed done their work fine 

Others of your kind with the sprinkles do spend time 

Men in white suits have ruffled my sands 

Charmed you know this but still never change 
I am aware that you get tired down 

But since the beginning of time, my love for you I’ve held down 

Won’t you come out to meet me, dear one? 

Of you get too cold, I promise you the Morning Sun! 

To Bright Sandy.
My heart is weary tonight 

I shan’t glamour in your light Oh how I hate to be a bother! To a lover being loved by another. 
The sprinkles still hold true to their sight 

They even seem to multiply in the dead of night 

My sights are still drawn to you so,Sandy 

But my heart cannot share in the feast of plenty. 
To my dearest Alien… 
I cannot fathom the hurt in your chest 

But I am unseeing of where we’ve gone wrong 

Let me soothe your soul with a Shakespearean verse 

Any loving you need, I promise I’ll make it last long. 
My adoration by another, 

Means positively naught of my lover 

I find your jealousy strangely appealing 

But do not let it scar you till you despise healing. 
Dear Sandy.
Your words are what mean naught 

How can I be sure you are all I thought? 

I require a love made only for I 

When you vow your love, all I do is sigh… 
My jealousy is a sign of affection 

Surely I can’t be wrong to desire your full attention? 

Why must you be for everyone? 

When I want only you and none? 
To my dearest Alien… 
I do not understand the love of your kind 

Nothing but selfishness and clutching all it finds 

Treasure my sand and quit searching for crystals 

Why must you find fault in all life’s mishaps? 
Your insecurities go beyond reason 

Love truly doesn’t come in seasons 

Believe in the love that stays And you’ll find your heart won’t stray. 


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