If I wrote myself a letter. 

If I wrote myself a letter. 

If i wrote myself a letter…

Miss Dee just turned eleven

Still so many presents

Hold on to that tshirt coz Daddy worked till seven

At that Highrise Estate

Came home to you instead

Hug better be tighter,girl i hope this time you listen

To all of his chant and rants

They’ll echo when he can’t

Didn’t think it be so soon and that you’d have to change your name

But baby this man is proud of you

Saw you for your value

You always have your face plastered to a book

Later you’ll paint,write more and even cook

Your head got harder,my oh my,how you’ve grown

Your freedom deepens the farther from home you’re blown

Dont neglect the times you lose yourself within your being

You’ll need to build a foundation for that basecamp

Your taste in music stays odd,get used to it

Don’t tell but you might have tried weed

Granma isn’t who she is to you now

Keep a watchful eye ,anyway,it will count

And Ellen…that’s your name now

It’ll be spoken in joy,anger and pain…foul


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