To the one who finds me. 

To the one who finds me. 

To the person who finds me…

May you not find me sprawled on the floor from exhaustion of calling out for help

Lessen your haste when my voice bawls,crackles and finally dies out from the shallowness of depth

Let me not find your counternance concorted from view of my exposed purple dry tongue

At least save me the unfelt shame of an ugly expression to the stop of my lung

Do,however,hasten before maggots make flesh fudge out of my once glorious body

Allow none to remember only the memory of my rotting brain and faded glory

To you who has found me…

May i not be the first you have found

Instead may you be already thoroughly broken

So much that our meeting won’t leave a mark.

The successful passing of scheduled weddings and birthdays

Of slowly passed eye gazes of love and fully experienced weekdays

Find me when you have seen all that is beautiful and appreciated it

Find me when you have felt the sun on your face

And closed your eyes affectionately to a lover’s embrace 

But mostly when you have smelt the scent of coffee and a lonely flower in the park

And taken long deep breaths as you stare at the full moon in the dark

Now that we have found each other

Forgive my lack of action,it is not voluntary

I probably would find you quite appealing 

If my eyes weren’t staring glassily at the ceiling

The warmth of my body won’t,however, return with this blanket you have covered me with

But I am grateful for the protective thought

Don’t let my loved ones see me like this

My enemies might find peace

The war is over now,anyway.

Fair fight!

Do not wonder whether i could have

I still wouldn’t

Whatever you do…

Make sure I do not end in the sea

Or receive licks from the flames.


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