We Are Spirit Animals:For Nigel

We Are Spirit Animals:For Nigel

I think the best people are met in the most casual way.

The small talk gets so busy till we have so much to say

Like,”I’ll get your number,next time”, to cover up impounding interest

Or,”You feel like Christmas “, to cover up a raging affection fest.

I think the sex is always super playful

It quickly advances faster as the time is due

More and more planned to waste time

I cannot be blamed with a man so fine…

Man…I lose my balance with you. My poetry loses its form for you. Do you hear my voice more clearly now?I wish to do the wildest with you and get more vulnerable for you. I’m usually careful with my choice of words but since you all I use with you is “Y.O.U”. I see your reluctance with love and I recognise it. It’s a familiar ditch,the safe one. I don’t blame you at all,the world is getting hotter. The warmth I find in your eyes pleases me. It’s gets even more satisfying when you show those perfect teeth dressed by a lip curve just right. Why do I adore you so? Easy. I find bits of myself in you. I understand things about myself through you. I am the most comfortable in your company. The most peaceful. Alive. I find it hard to stop with you. I never want to leave. I never want to stop jogging.

No. That’s a lie. I always stop jogging! It’s almost stimulating to watch you run away further and further from me. Apart from the view,I could almost gear myself up for the hunt of a quality prey! I just made myself laugh! We are animals of instinct,my Dearest Nigel. We are Spirit Animals, and I deem you right.


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