11th Hour.

11th Hour.

Exactly 11 hours ago,I was broken. I felt I had lost myself and love. Now that’s different. I’m still here, and so is love. For myself. If I lose my mental independence and inner peace what have I left to give out? I have made better friends since my transition. I have created more meaningful acquaintances both with others and with myself. If a love I love can’t love me lovingly, then I shall not give out love. That is the real dysfunction. A life without that other person isn’t a dysfunction. It’s a separation,it’s a breakup,it’s divorce but not dysfunction. I know this now. And I am set free. I also understand that who I’ve become isn’t any mistake. I’m shaped by my experiences, hurts and triumphs. If I refuse to acknowledge this,I refuse myself and my scars. This in no way makes me a slave of my past, it makes me understand the past and move forward. It’s this that gives me peace and if I’m lying to myself then so be it. I just need to mantain my inner peace.


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