Empathic Guilt.

Running work errands has made me blind to people’s faces in the street. I barely hear the vendor’s angry voice when I mistakenly step on the edge of their floor mat. Nor do I notice the Mshika-shika (illegal transportation, but sure to ensure survival of  driver’s families) that is 5 seconds from making me a dead […]

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All In A Day’s Work

In my last post I was ranting about how I felt that I deserved a seat in an office somewhere deep in the capital’s CBD. Well, interestingly,a few days after that post I landed myself an administration job in a start up agency. The thrill of starting something new can always be likened to how I respond […]

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For Nigel: Our Venus

Today I recorded all the smiles you gave to me mentally Like when I said those dumb things and when I sunk you deeper inside,especially I’ll let you know that I fell deeper in love with you todayLike the child within me had fetched the one in you to playOur love grew a vine of […]

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There is this condition i have… Whenever i hear church bells ring, Or when the keyboard is set on church tune And i see mouths quiver in prayer Whilst the minister repeats words I’ve heard a million times all my life I yawn. Perhaps mundane familiarity or from plain boredom I always yawn. An old […]

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I feel,i feel,i feel So much for you its so surreal And i feel,i feel,i feel That we just can’t be real So do i question the path my heart takes? Or i can be proud I’ve never faked A love so free,so untamed And my love for another you couldn’t take? I crave,i crave,i […]

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Hi. I’m Unemployed!🙋

Hi,I’m Ellen. Born in a middle class but now poor family so at school i was taught how to be an employee. The art of sketching a tight notch impressive curriculum vitae has stuck to the tips of my fingers. As such,any attempt to illustrate my abilities or interests turns into a diarrhoeal rant and/ […]

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