Cum in my vagina

Cum in my vagina

I’ve been told I have an overactive vagina. No,this is not what you’re thinking. I’m part of the group of women that have vaginas that are reflective of their mental health. Healthy mental,healthy and happy vagina! If you’re male,this post will probably enlighten you and will probably be much help to your female friend who will later save you from the depressing cage of a platonic relationship. Or worse,this information shared just might induce a change of locks. Anywho, we must move on to the inner details that are between her legs despite your failures!

I grew up with bouts of depression that rarely went away. Resorting to writing was highly therapeutic so far as today…tomorrow really isn’t promised. The unfolding of my 20’s brought with it the death of my father which sent me in a downward spiral towards severe depression. Along with this came mini panic attacks that would make it difficult to breathe and generally just focus. This was the first red alert from my body that I was headed for disaster.

The second was recurring yeast infections. My fore reaction was panic. Because sex had also joined my list of therapeutic habits,I feared some form of STI and being the person I am,the first doctor I booked an immediate appointment with was none other than good ol’ Doctor Google. I checked all the images and matched them pretty easily with everything I had now begun to experience. Trust me! Only yeast infection looks like yeast infection!

The usual easier and faster remedies are garlic and natural yoghurt. I’m a control freak I could only use both. These worked so well and I figured this had all been caused by scented panty liners I had recently started using. Logical,right? Very!

Stress-relations to my constant relapses never felt like an option till my mother mentioned it on the phone. (This was because I was in Asia and she in Africa) She had initially suggested we track foods that I’m eating for a suspect subject. Nothing had made sense and so I continued being my anxious self till the yeast became so severe only cheesy clumps of lime green were coming out. Yes,it got that bad and yes this is foul information but I’m not ashamed anymore about it. Because this was now beyond a little bit of garlic, I had to turn to a vaginal ointment that you insert deep inside your vaginal tunnel as far up as you can possibly reach. This offers very quick relief and soon enough the yeast clears up.

Mental health is vital,it destroys your body from the inside out. I came to terms with the reality of of the situation and this has been immensely helpful. Having knowledge about all this has empowered me to learn more about the female body and it’s responses because most females refuse to have these discussions and shy away from them. Remember the longer you wait to get help,the worse it gets and the more expensive the treatment rises to be.

Naturally being the bold and expressive woman I am,I hope this secretly helps someone to want to learn more,to heal more and move on to help someone else. This is little knowledge but my joy is for everyone to have the healthiest , happiest vagina that that is reflective of your overall mental,spiritual and emotional health. Get good cum. Don’t let your body create green cum.

Silver Tiara

Silver Tiara

Her life changed so suddenly

It really all came tumbling down

Straight onto her head & landed as a small silver crown

It felt absurd wearing such..

Almost pretentious,if anything

The ones that held the answers locked her up

A maze that held wildness

Her fear rose when the darkness set in

And here was the trick:

“The fearful you are,the stronger the darkness gets. The braver you are,the more fearful the darkness gets”

Turns out I like chicks too.

Turns out I like chicks too.

I sought to raise a couple of chicks

Straight out of their eggshells

The delight when they made it out!

Little yellow dots of hen-young

Imagine the horror when the cows made them a meal

Their faces so unbothered as they exercised will

And here I was with plans of a bunch of bunnies

A pretty neat farm that would’ve turned out to be

The cows left only 2,but for those my heart would be sunk

Deeper when the goats thought to have their own fill!

Was this irresponsibility? Or perhaps the law of nature?

Survival of the fittest?

Survival of the fittest!


I laugh at this! But truly I am bruised.

Problems of a little farm girl.


Sex at WordCamp

Sex at WordCamp

Harare WordCamp 2018.

Surrounded by bloggers,programmers,developers and beginners has its perks. I get to meet my blog followers and they get to ask me odd questions on why I choose certain topics. Today a faithful follower asked me why I’ve recently been very stuck on sexual content. Well,I don’t know. It’s a topic of interest and I happen to love the act. Then he went on to tell me something even more captivating. He said “Why don’t you be more scary with your pieces? You seem held back.” Man.

This will probably be my shortest blog post but I will be more fierce, daring and intentional with my posts. I will be the sexual and emotional being that I am honestly & authentically.

Yes the topic is terribly misleading but people visit my blog for WordPorn anyway! Haha! As comical as this is,I take more pride in my poetry and other pieces than the sexual ones. More blog views for sexual content only is almost heartbreaking but I intend to attend to this.

Requiem for Truth.

Requiem for Truth.

Her busy chatter could not quiet the remorse in his voice. He lay on the bed and quizzed her about a past once spoken of. Carefully, she repeated the response just as she’d recited it not too many months ago. His blank stare to the ceiling assured her of a rage close to outburst.

Pain searches for signs of ill-doing so that it boosts itself. She lay on top of him and stared into his eyes. He looked at her once with his beautiful brown eyes and quickly withdrew. “I’m sorry…” He held out a fist and she gave her fist out too. Fist bump. She chuckled nervously and looked down at his chest. Urges are odd. At a time when she should most keep them in check,she still found him so irresistibly arousing. Him with all his anger and all his solemnity. She wanted him. Her fingers brushed against his man-nipple and caressed it lightly. He shut his eyes. She lifted her fingers. A move towards his neck with a kiss planted lightly was accepted. She kissed all parts of his face and neck then aimed for the final treasure. His lips. The moment she got so close as to brush them he shrugged and faced the other way.

Her eyes stayed on him..bruised. He looked back into her eyes..almost apologetic but still frozen. She began unbuttoning her blouse. Making sure his frozen stare was made worthwhile. Perhaps her sexual energy would warm up his solidifying soul. He stared on at her as she finished unbuttoning till she revealed a petite plump bosom kept in place by a faint yellow brasserie.

Her arms met at her back where she attempted to unhook her bra. He suddenly jerked up suddenly as if to speed up the process. Instead he grabbed both ends of the unhooked bra and strapped it back on. She searched his eyes for answers but he avoided her gaze. With acceptance of futility she rose and made to move away from him. His hand grabbed hers then placed her back on top of him.

He went for her jeans,shut his eyes,fiddled with her buttons till the jeans came off loose. This was done with utmost sincerity ,it was almost beautiful. He pulled down the jeans at the same time with her underwear. Completely naked with nothing but her bra on,he opened his eyes,lifted her gently and placed her underneath himself. She helped him undress never leaving his eyes. He met her gaze once then went straight for the pool of moisture. The parting of her petals was done with slippery fingers that had already dipped into her honey pot. He teased her pink pearl with his thumb first then put the tip of his smooth warm tongue on it. She gasped when the rush of pleasure filled her senses. He kept at it for a while then finally hugged her full budding pink pearl and labia majora with the walls of his mouth. She quivered lightly when she saw him move his Pleasure Pogo towards her Love Glove.

She lay back and closed her eyes, ready to invite him home. She waited for a split second then she felt him strike her clitoris with his Pleasure Pogo. This action was performed so quickly but precisely that it made her whimper. It felt surprisingly pleasurable to a point where she could not contain it anymore. She wanted him inside. She wanted him to rip through her guts and leave her unable to walk after. Whatever he had to give she was ready for it.

Her arms grabbed his till his grip slowly allowed her to pull him in but he needed this moment to be intentional. Pulling away from her,he held his shaft facing directly at her love nest. He shoved himself in her slowly then stopped midway and began to thrust lightly. She lost her senses and grabbed his back,beckoning for more. For all if it. He got lost in her gasps then proceeded to pound hard and deep. She was making a raucous now which pleased him so and seemed to cheer him on. He felt her grab onto him violently then she let out a loud squeal. Oh my,she was having her own. Soon he would too. He could feel it. Oh no,here it was. The effect of her “O” on her inner walls was a weakness for him. He felt a tightening,a squeeze and a pull then it all came loose.

The moment he came, a tear escaped her eye. He got off her and left her to wipe the residue of their lovemaking. Or was it what that was?
He had kept her bra on. Had he really discarded of a part of her body in that way?

He had not touched her upper body in all this. She went to the bathroom cleaned up and cried quietly. How could such a beautiful thing leave her so crashed soon after? He called out that they had to leave. He stared at her teary eyes when she walked out. “Are you okay?”, he inquired.

“I’m fine.” She responded back.

“I don’t want you speaking to him ever again. I can’t believe you’d do that to us. And you want me to believe that he didn’t see more or do more to you? How stupid do you think I am? ” he barked.

“I told you this happened before us”, she responded quietly.

“Well,I don’t want to hear about him again. He probably still has images of your breasts in his phone…” the last words rolled off his tongue emotionally.

“I’m sorry”

The walked all the home was silent and tense. He held her hand tightly , kissed her forehead and said,
“I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”
She nodded lightly and let him go.

Pure Thirsts

Pure Thirsts

grayscale photo of naked person kneeling
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on

This is the longest yearning I’ve ever had

It’s almost as if the cravings of my lust are all you clad

A simple harmless gaze in your direction starts fires

I’m such a flower, watch me open up!

Spend my days entertaining thoughts of a lasting love

Look how weak I’ve become

Look how vulnerable I’ve become

What makes me so confident? So fearless?

Did the wise ones call this strength?

I know what will become of me if I lose my grip.

But for now this feels nice.

This is the most indulgent I’ve been

Watch me get mad if I don’t get my fix.

Watch me drag the life out of you with my demands

Then watch me fill you backĀ up, like I do so well

I can never say no to my urges

So I say yes to you

Toes down or legs up.

You always want to last a little longer so I’ll add more wows

We’re the messy type, the naughty type, utter disrespect

But I live the life for this, the tingle in my bosom, the subtlety,

the mornings, even if the day is slow we shake a little faster

It’s already been a year and I’ve been so happy with you

Just a year and I’ve met an awesome friend in you

Where do we go next, Dear Friend?










Sun in Virgo, Moon in Sagittarius…

I’m very obsessive. On certain songs, recipes, shows, arts, fancy phone wallpapers, people, networks and lately the zodiac. This continuous search for meaning and explanations for everything around me has finally driven me insane. I get upset when the opinionated think I’ve finally found my “Christ”. I haven’t. But this is interesting for now.

I don’t like to give away too much because I haven’t figured out a lot for myself. I crawl back into my shell when I feel “opinionated”. On the days that I do not feel this way, I stay out. I’ve made a few new friends recently. I went through their zodiacs and I think I treat them better after this. Being the sensitive Virgo I am, this shouldn’t be too surprising. My current object of affection is a flying idea in my head. I almost idolise him. This is weird when I see it written down…but cotton-candy-cloud-pleasing in my mental. My zodiac affirms this so well. It says I’m one to worship a lover but quickly lose interest when I make the realization that they literally ain’t shit. Pathetic existence!

In an odd kind of way, I’d find myself to be utterly displeased if the zodiac had us all figured out. I have so much hope in humanity, don’t I? I like to believe that i’ll soon have a new obsession that attempts to give me new answers to existence. You’d think it’s an exhausting adventure for me but no. This is the jet fuel that leaves behind my higher levels of depression. Please leave me to my studies.