We Are Spirit Animals:For Nigel

I think the best people are met in the most casual way. The small talk gets so busy till we have so much to say Like,”I’ll get your number,next time”, to cover up impounding interest Or,”You feel like Christmas “, to cover up a raging affection fest. I think the sex is always super playful […]

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Psychosis Tributes.

Her deep hazel brown eyes open slowly…As if in revulsion against reflex she quickly shuts them again.Stillness.Then a sudden tight clench of the sheets that covered her partly frail body. She grabs at them and flinches as if in great pain. Her head begins bobbing as if moving to the tune of an upbeat song. […]

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Renewal Mechanisms

CHAPTER 10- RENEWAL MECHANISMS : PERSONAL OPINION OF AN INTERN OF DR. BK JAYASIMHA. In the few awesome months that I have been working for Dr. BK Jayasimha, none has had the most astounding impact on me such as this month of April when he has been pre-occupied with “Healing with the Elements”. I have […]

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Wrong Crack

My struggles with “Freedom” My first spliff sent me nowhere far. The concept of it did, however, make me reach skyscraper heights. But only the midget ones. She thought ingestion would do the trick with me. Boy was I tricked! It’s far from shocking what a bowl full of chocolate cereal marinated with weed can […]

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Full on Empty

I’m a little afraid of loosing I’m a little afraid of choosing My intuition has stuck on an arrow Cupids bow struck me,almost missed by a narrow I’m afraid of loosing I’m afraid of choosing I’ve become terrible at shutting my mouth My heart too has taken its stand Will it be this that breaks […]

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Wait A Minute.

How are we so minute? Are we time itself,or we simply await it? To what ends do we lean on hope? Does it truly serve us well? Are we content? Are we happy? Waters dry up,but they are not minute. Atleast not yet. Mountains grow bigger or smaller but wither they do not. Do we […]

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